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Do the Wine and Liqueur Contain Alcohol?


Do the Juices Contain Alcohol

No. The Poormans Orange Juice and the Feijoa Apple Juice do not contain any alcohol

What is the alcohol strength in your wine and liqueur?

The individual product description in the Shop has more detail which varies across our range of wines and liqueur.

A quick run-down of the alcohol content is as follows:
The Reserve is 9.7%.
The rest of the Wine range is 9%.
The Liqueur is 18%.

Where can I buy your products?

You can buy online from our SHOP on this website or from our outlets – see our STOCKISTS in your area around New Zealand.

Do you use sulphites in your products?

Yes. We do use sulphites in the our liqueur and wines. Being certified organic means the allowable amount of sulphites we can use is much less than conventionally produced wine. We do not use any sulphites to produce our juices.

Do you fine with gelatine, egg whites or milk?

We fine with a pea protein that is certified vegan.

Do you export?

We are currently working with an export partner to develop some export markets.